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A Collection of Tweets About The Rapture/Judgement Day

Todd Whitehead
toddtmw Todd Whitehead
Well, it is hailing here the day after Judgement Day. Maybe it really happened, but no one was worthy, so no one noticed.

Drew Hastings
@drewhastingsDrew Hastings
The Rapture didn’t happen and now I have a lot of bounced checks coming back on me.
Jim Gaffigan
JimGaffigan Jim Gaffigan
Anyone wanna buy 6 million “5/21/11! Who Let The Rapture Out?” t-shirts?
jimmy fallon
jimmyfallon jimmy fallon
Does anyone want to buy 6 months of canned food and bottled water?
Wil Wheaton
wilw Wil Wheaton
This is the worst Rapture ever.
Jeannie Gaffigan
jeanniegaffigan Jeannie Gaffigan
The Rapture Day Sales really suck. It’s like no one’s taking it seriously!
Stephen Toulouse
Stepto Stephen Toulouse

 by wilw
RT @styxboatman http://bit.ly/ja5xmP <<< I am seriously considering doing this in my neighborhood late tonight…
Jim Gaffigan
JimGaffigan Jim Gaffigan
Is it gauche to wear the same outfit to this Judgement Day that I wore last Judgement Day? Don’t want to be judged for what I’m wearing.
Jeannie Gaffigan
jeanniegaffigan Jeannie Gaffigan
Please submit your bucket list. I did not prepare and I’m cramming so I need ideas.
Jim Gaffigan
JimGaffigan Jim Gaffigan
Dear God, Can I get extension on my Judgement Day? I was sick & distracted by Twitter. (btw follow back?)
Jim Gaffigan

@JimGaffiganJim Gaffigan
This Rapture stuff is silly. BTW how do I become a good person in 12 hrs? Anyone know what God’s favorite ice cream is?
Kevin Nealon
kevin_nealon Kevin Nealon
Maybe there is something to this Rapture Day thing for tomorrow. I just called a friend in Australia and there was no answer.
Chick McGee
chickmcgee1 Chick McGee
“It’s not the pace of life that concerns me. It’s the sudden stop at the end.”..oh and remember at the looting…lift with your legs…
Jim Gaffigan
JimGaffigan Jim Gaffigan
Anyone know if the shuttles to Hell will have Wifi? Asking for a friend.
Jim Gaffigan
JimGaffigan Jim Gaffigan
Can’t believe I have to work on Judgment Day. I guess I can DVR it, right?
Jim Gaffigan
JimGaffigan Jim Gaffigan
“Only 2 days till Judgement Day and I still haven’t picked out what robe I gonna wear.” – God
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